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Strings of coincidences

The Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania has a peculiar name. Old art and new art add up to all art, so why not just call it the Museum of Art? But that would abbreviate to MA or MoA, neither perhaps being appropriate. The acronym is MONA and that’s what everyone calls it now, which is as it was meant to be.

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Accent e-book

Hyundai Australia has just published an e-book covering their six blogger-lead tours around Sydney and Melbourne in August last year. I was one of them, and get a double page spread, thankfully with no mugshot. They seemed to like the Ashton Raggat McDougall buildings I showed them the most. Click the image below to view the book.

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Built Art and Unbuilt Architecture

The Age surveys many artists at work in the archi-zone (and vice versa). It’s on the occasion of a couple of exhibitions and a new book: Beyond Architecture: Imaginative Buildings and Fictional Cities, by Robert Klanten and Lukas Feireiss. Its publisher describes it as, “the first publication of its kind to document the creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts.” The online article has no images or links – unfortunate – so I thought I should fill the gap to enhance your reading pleasure. Some of these artists are from the book, some from The Age article.

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