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Fait accompli?

In late July the University of Melbourne signalled its intention to “retire” many 20th Century modernist buildings at its Parkville campus before 2040, in keeping with its “long term strategic, academic and research ambitions”. Renderings in its new master plan show the Raymond Priestley administration building, the medical building and the John Medley building tagged for demolition, to name just a few.

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Rem course in Russia

Rem Koolhaas and OMA / AMO have developed the programme for the 2010 / 2011 year at the Strelka Institute , a non-profit cross-disciplinary school in Moscow. Dang, the deadline for free scholarship international registrations was August 22nd – but you could blame me for not getting around to this until now. If you happen to be reading this in Italy, you could also hot-foot it across to Venice to hear Rem and Strelka founders Alexander Mamut and Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper discussing architectural education on the 26th.

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Architect / protaganist:

A new car

MIT car

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Taglietti video

Enrico Taglietti on his ACT schools. While at his desk, in front of piles of old drawings, he talks about working under Gough Whitlam (not unlike the pressures of the BER), concrete, and the good and “shameful” modifications to his buildings.

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Process this Monday

Process is on this Monday 1st March. They are having a spot of bother with their website, so you can find it here for the moment.

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Graduate School of Arts

Just realised that Bates Smart are in the midst of giving the Old Arts Building at Melbourne Uni a bit of a speedy spruce up. Construction started in November and it all has to be done before Semester 1 starts. Someone didn’t get a holiday. The project includes two new lecture theatres and three new collaborative learning rooms.

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RE:HAB: the aftermath

At the Australian Design Review , Katherine Mercer and Melanie Dodd ponder the RE:HAB student conference in Canberra.

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UQ school launched

UQ says the new architecture school by Donovan Hill has been “launched”… not much in the way of pics but the students sound happy enough.

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Architect / protaganist:

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Dr John adjunct prof at FAD

“Dr John Denton, of Denton Corker Marshall Architects, has accepted an adjunct appointment as Professor of Architecture in the Faculty of Art and Design.” MONASH NEWS 22.07.09

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Architecture terribly exclusive, except for the pay

Flying around twitter… “Architecture is the most socially exclusive profession in the UK, ahead of law, medicine and accountancy, according to research by the Cabinet Office… Documents released by the Cabinet Office’s panel for Fair Access to the Professions show it costs more to qualify as an architect — over £60,000 — than any other profession. The panel also found newly qualified architects earned just over £20,000 a year, one of the lowest starting salaries in the professions.” BD Online

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Domus discount competition

Maybe this happens a lot? A creative hub design competition being run by the Domus academy has as its prizes various discount coupons (sorry: scholarships) for its Masters courses. Even if you aren’t placed you’ll get a 10% discount to the course. Deal!?

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Melbourne Uni

Melbourne Uni is getting closer to finding an architect for its Architecture School.

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Melb school rebuild

The University of Melbourne School of Architecture (etc) is to be pulled down and rebuilt. Hopefully differently. Rather than an open competition, which would have been nice… they want expressions of interest which they will whittle down to six practices who will then be invited to compete.

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India builds schools, watches monuments crumble

In an address to the nation today (India’s 61st birthday), Indian PM Manmohan Singh announced that education would be given something of a boost to improve access to education and health. Two new architecture schools are planned, and… lordy… “6,000 new high-quality model schools, 373 new colleges, 30 new universities, eight new IITs, seven new IIMs, 20 new IIITs, five new Indian Institutes of Science, 10 new NITs and 1,000 new polytechnic institutes.” In 2007 there were about 100 institutions in India offering architecture courses, up from 40 in 1988 and just one in 1948.

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MIT Open Course Ware

Feeling like a spot of free education from MIT’s architecture school? Well here you go! All kinds of courses with massive downloads available as ZIP files.

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